by Danny Bevins

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I wrote this the day after the election last year.
Just felt right.


More than a voice
For you voiceless
Cryin' out as a resource
For you choiceless

People's champ to expose this
Hopin' to rise up against the system
So hope is
Thrivin' in me and now to extend
To those around
All past sins I have to amend
For real values and real people
March forward to transcend!
For real!

It's humanities last chapter at the book end
Not puttin' the book down
It needs to be rewritten
We the people
Aren't so 'we'
The real agenda remains hidden
If you connect the points
It's an essay written system
So let's break out the pens
While we break out of our pens forbidden

Awake, Awake, Awake!
My fate
To stake
The hate
I take
To date
So pray
We make our way
To the gates
So say:
Awake, Awake, Awake!

They tell us prosper long
But for how long?
All our focus is the money
But it feels so wrong
Cryin' out about my 2 cents
Of right and wrong
Felt weak
But now I'm livin' off my knees
I'm strong!

Whole population just grindin' away
Not understandin they're the new slaves up on display
Top tier elite is all we see up on display
They manipulate, contaminate to get their payday

Most barely make it between checks
So they workin' away
Each week day
Includin' the Lord's day
We're on our knees
Prayin' away
But really we suckin' them dry
So they milkin' us dry
Really they're all cowards
Who can only quantify
My quality of life is DOPE
I qualify!
Live my life like it's 'do or die'
With my ride or dies!

Comprehendin' now
No one else will say this shit
I'm livin' proof to live free
Of their permits
I'm as real as they come
I ain't counterfeit
Keepin headcounts on their feats
So I can counter it

Awake, Awake, Awake!
My fate
To stake
The hate
I take
To date
So pray
We make our way
To the gates
So say:
Awake, Awake, Awake!

People obsessin' over goods
Completely artificial
Problem is we live in a cyberworld
So superficial
Forgettin' what's important;
Is more than money, riches, glory
Bendin' over for extortion:
Same story

Prayin for leaders to rise up!
Realizin that most of them are full of it
We the people get bent over-take the toll of it
But that time's up!
Father time!
Give humanity more of a chance
Those in power think they set in stone
But I'm throwin' stones at their set
They're only circumstance!

Milenials are the new breed
They try to bury us
But we the new seed
So I'm gonna lead
The people to rise up
Over corporate greed!

I forsee a Utopia
Rather than our own
You think it's a distance but now we build a resistance
To end this
There's enough to go around!
I've been to the Badlands and Zero of Ground
I've lived in the ghetto
I've lived in the metro
I've driven the Mercedes Benz
And I waited for the Metro
This realistic sentiment is cemented in retro
But believe me when your basic needs are met
Your happiness is set
So I'm done with them hedgin' my bets
Part of the first plan
Instead of resorting and extorting plan B
To the corporate hand
They wipin' us out like Plan B

I ain't scared of nobody and no one!
My mothers taught me that We All One!
Name is Daniel Pasqualetti Bevins
I've returned!
I'm that one!
I'm that Heaven sent
Prodigal Son
Got prophecy backing me-
No need for guns!


released August 9, 2017
Matt Everett-Producer


all rights reserved



Danny Bevins Atlanta, Georgia

Originally from Atlanta Danny Bevins is a Native American Hip Pop artist. He recently returned from NYC. Now back in ATL, Danny is actively auditioning in both cities.
Danny is signed to DGRW Agency (NYC) and People Store (Atlanta) as an actor, singer, rapper, print artist, and dancer.

Danny is also an ACD Certified functional personal trainer.

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