Total Heat

by Danny Bevins

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Every head turns-I walk in
Every sentence ends forgotten
Cleverly I reminsce of my reverly
Let's toast to the champagne we poppin'
But don't get ahead of me
Courtin' dates with my destiny
I won't fall to a felony
Don't understand I respond with tenancy
Cause they tend to be for me

Let's all cheers to our dependency
Thick steel yo I got the density
So I kiss you undress you
Till you breathlessly ascend on me
Yo details in the devilry
I can go forever do not send for me
I sit at the fancy tables splendidly
Won't pour splenda tea
You see when you think you can-
Young bougie man
I'm drinkin' whiskey!

Peace together our serenity
Most people don't do that successfully
But what's good for me
Success falls to me
Yo never question my integrity
And I'm before than before
It's inequity
And I infectiously love my identity
But I'm raisin' my intensity
From that low density to a mother fuckin' supremacy

Welcome to our kingdom
Prince power like it's 'cream' son
They keep us around
But secretly wanna throw away all our income
Come in
Take a seat
Let me drink Absolut why you obsolete
When I'm around I make you feel so incomplete
My brain's faster...
Yours yours overheats!

So I'm bringin' the heat
While we're drinkin' this bourbon neat
Yeah, tastes like sucess:
Bittersweet, bitch!

These rumors are on fire
They burn with ease
I think about desire and atrocities
Not soft with these
Get stoned with the wannabes
So rock with my on my philosphy

Total Heat (2X)
Total Hype
Raise my drink
To the Night
Dark dreams fly
To the sky
Here I stand
To Live this Life

But I know you know I know how it goes
But I flow so woah you know how composed
Gotta stay to keep your funds on the intake
And not take in energy to decompose

This cup is perfect
Won't overflow
Wanna buy a nice house without a forced forclose
Cause I know for sure it's close,
Feel it right around the corner
So I head to the corner store before it close
WIth my four closest dudes
We keep the foursome close
But the girls force me down
And keep my fore**** closed
That's why I go Yoda on their ass
And keep my forces cloned!

If you tryna fuck be forewarned there's a lot of me
Think you givin' brain but you gettin' a lobotomy
Call it 'terrorist love' like Hussain but no sodomy
Got the ladies in the city so hot for me

Swear to Cosmo
If another girl brings up astrology
I'll probably
Have to come up with a new domestic policy
Of shootin' them off into space
With my rocketry but talk to me!

Total Heat (2X)
Total Hype
Raise my drink
To the Night
Dark dreams fly
To the sky
Here I stand
To Live this Life

My mind runnin' a mile a minute
It's impossibly outdone by curiosity
Outsung by the frivolity of this novelty
Of an odyssey fulfilling my prophecy
Chronologically obtaining my comidity of economy
My monopoly was not monogamy
Went and got mono
My life was a monotony

But I'm runnin' from these fakes
Like an Achille's Heel
So I distract myself with my worries
With a lady in heels

Total Heat (2X)
Total Hype
Raise my drink
To the Night
Dark dreams fly
To the sky
Here I stand
To Live this Life


released August 9, 2017
Matt Everett-Producer


all rights reserved



Danny Bevins Atlanta, Georgia

Originally from Atlanta Danny Bevins is a Native American Hip Pop artist. He recently returned from NYC. Now back in ATL, Danny is actively auditioning in both cities.
Danny is signed to DGRW Agency (NYC) and People Store (Atlanta) as an actor, singer, rapper, print artist, and dancer.

Danny is also an ACD Certified functional personal trainer.

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